What brand of flake ice machine do you want to buy?

by:CBFI     2021-08-06
According to big data, Bingquan Refrigeration has grown into one of the top ten brands of flake ice machines in 2018, with more than 260 agents across the country, and offline stores in first, second, and third-tier cities across the country. Online Taobao and Alibaba have set up companies specifically Shop, convenient for consumers to choose. Icesource flake Tube Ice Machine shipments are the top three in the country, and it is gradually growing into a 'Made in China 2025' key development enterprise. The characteristics of the brand of Icesource flake ice machine: 1. Independent production and design of flake ice evaporator, evaporator according to The pressure vessel is designed and manufactured according to the standard, sturdy, safe and reliable, with zero leakage. Direct ice continuous formation at low temperature, low ice flake temperature and high efficiency. 2. The whole machine has passed the international CE and SGS certification, which is guaranteed. 3. Fully automatic control, unattended, For flake ice machines that may occur, such as voltage lack of phase, overload, lack of water, full ice, low pressure and high pressure, etc., it will automatically stop and give an alarm to ensure the stable operation of the ice making equipment. Fourth, use first-line brand refrigeration accessories: German BITZER , Danfoss, Denmark, Copeland, Taiwan Hanbell Compressor, Italy Lai Fukang and other well-known compressors, Danfoss solenoid valve, expansion valve, filter drier, American Emerson expansion valve and other refrigeration accessories, flake ice machine quality is reliable, failure Low rate and high ice-making efficiency. 5. Factory direct sales, door-to-door installation, ice-making equipment warranty for 18 months, nationwide warranty, and lifetime technical support. 6. The company has many years of design and production experience and accepts non-standard customization of different ice-making equipment. Customers can choose their own ice-making equipment for ice-making equipment materials, refrigeration accessories, and condensation methods.
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