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What are the USES cold water machine

Summer, meaning that it brings hot fervour. People have to short unlined upper garment shorts treatment; Dead fish, the fish in the fish tank say hot to death; Factory machines had to constantly burn out strike, factory owners have to intermittent starts and raise prices to make up the loss; Construction site with the water temperature can not meet the concrete mixing water demand, had to stop building construction site, 'dirty' barely used for building, is also a jerry-built projects, not 'dirty' in order to make up the loss, had to fry hot prices & hellip; … And so on, seemingly small things funny, accumulated will bring a series of economic problems, ethical issues.

don't way to solve? Yes, actually here to tell everyone about the industrial ice machine avatar:

cold water machine is a kind of water cooling equipment, cold water machine is a kind of can provide constant temperature, constant current, constant pressure of cooling water equipment.

the following according to the industry to introduce cold water machine use:

plastic industry ( Injection cold water machine) : accurate control of all kinds of plastic processing of die temperature, shortening the period of bei plastic, ensure the stable quality of product.

electronics industry ( Industrial cold water machine) : stable electronic components inside in the molecular structure of the production line, improve the qualification rate of electronic components, used in the industries of ultrasonic cleaning, effectively prevent expensive cleaner volatilization and volatile bring harm to the person.

electroplating industry ( Electroplating chillers) : control the plating temperature, increasing the density of the plated parts and smooth, shorten electroplating cycle, improve production efficiency, improve the quality of the product.

machinery industry ( Industrial cold water machine) Stability control hydraulic system pressure oil temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, prolong the life time of the oil and improve the efficiency of mechanical lubrication, reducing wear and tear.

construction industry ( Industrial cold water machine) : supply of concrete with chilled water, make the molecular structure of concrete for construction purposes, effectively enhance the hardness and toughness of concrete.

vacuum coating ( Coating of cold water machine) : to control the temperature of vacuum coating machine, to ensure the high quality of plating thing.

the food industry, Food cold water machine) : used for food processing after rapid cooling, make it adapt to the packaging requirements. In addition to control the temperature of the fermented foods, etc.

the pharmaceutical industry ( Medical cold water machine) : in the pharmaceutical industry is mainly used to control the fermentation temperature control of the drug. Drug companies should make full use of good equipment, cold water machine in the use of its advantages, continue to strengthen technological innovation on the basis of the enhanced cold water machine price, so as to better service for the pharmaceutical segment.

university laboratory ( Small cold water machine) : all kinds of colleges and universities, research institute, laboratory experiment and internal facilities, such as industrial cooling.

laser industry ( Cooling water machine for laser) : the laser equipment of laser generator cooling water circulation, and control the use of laser generator temperature, keep the laser generator can long time work.

machine multi-use of cold water, so powerful. Find one in hand, the feeling I have!

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