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What are the types of block ice machines

Block ice machine is also a kind of ice maker, also known as ice block machine. Classification of block ice machines Block ice machines are divided into direct cooling container ice machines, large direct cooling block ice machines, small direct cooling block ice machines, and salt water block ice machines. 1. Direct cooling type container ice machine, put the whole block industrial ice maker into the container, which is convenient for mobile transportation. 2. Large-scale direct cooling block ice machine, with a daily output of 10-30 tons, adopts a split structure, and the ice making evaporator is separated from the unit, which is convenient for transportation and installation. 3. Small-scale direct cooling block industrial ice maker, whose output is generally 1-10 tons per day, adopts an overall layout, and the evaporator and the unit are integrated. 4. Brine block ice machine, because its salt water pollutes the environment, gradually phase out products. Need to do civil works, the amount of engineering is large, the investment is large and the later maintenance is large, and this type of equipment is rarely used at present.
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