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What are the roles of ice machines in the fresh food industry!


   Food fresh-keeping cbfi ice machine, as the name suggests, fresh food, generally choose flake ice machine, ice flakes have large refrigeration capacity, can fully mix with food, flake ice machine is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, low cost and high ice making efficiency. There are also cube ice machines, direct cooling block ice machines, and tube ice machines that are also commonly used in the food industry.

   1. Foods are quickly cooled and kept fresh. Supermarkets have a good performance in food processing. For example, packaged foods are sterilized by high temperature and need to be cooled quickly to avoid a longer period of medium temperature, which is suitable for bacterial growth. The best way is The packaged food is quickly cooled in ice water mixed with flake ice, and the original flavor of the product is maintained, and the production efficiency is improved. 2. Vegetables and flowers are packed in a bubble film box, which is not suitable for long-distance transportation, because fresh vegetables and flowers are still undergoing the life process. During this process, the high temperature will cause the vegetables and flowers to quickly change the quality and reduce the product value. Flake ice can lower the ambient temperature to provide sufficient water and slow down the life process. Therefore, adding flake ice in the bubble film incubator can maintain the original style of the product and improve the product quality. 3. Supermarket preservation and display The flake ice produced by the flake ice machine has uniform thickness, whiteness, and smoothness. In supermarkets and shopping malls, flake ice is used for the preservation and display of seafood and fresh meat, so that the product has a good display effect. The ice surface is dry, slippery and dry to avoid the possibility of scratching the surface of the fish, maintain the air permeability of the underlying seafood, ensure the original flavor of the product, and prevent the loss of the product due to dehydration and hypoxia. Fourth, meat processing flake ice machine has been widely used in the meat processing industry. In the tumbling and rolling process of sausage production, the high temperature generated by the friction between the high-speed rotating tumbling barrel and the ingredients not only promotes the bacteria Breeding, it changes the color and taste of the meat, and will cause the degreasing (melting of fat) to exceed the standard of the bacteria in the produced sausages, the color and luster are dull, the taste is harder and greasy. When the flake ice is mixed into the ingredients of the sausage, it will obtain rapid cooling and ideal concentration, maintain the color and taste of the product, prevent degreasing, and improve hygiene standards.

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