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What are the reasons why the water pump does not supply water when the snowflake ice machine is working

Snow ice maker has become the most widely used cbfi ice machine for life ice making because of its simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, and high efficiency. Snow cbfi ice machine cannot avoid failures. After working for a period of time, it is found that the water pump is not working. When using water, what are the reasons why the pump is not watering? Let’s analyze in detail: 1. First check the power supply. If the ice machine has been idle for a few months, plug in the power supply the first time you use it, and take a look at each Whether the components are working properly. 2. Then check the water circulation system. The water circulation here refers to the ice making water. First connect the ice maker to the ice making water to see if the water is automatically fed in and the water pump is automatically filled. 3. Check whether the water pump is working. If the water pump is not working, check whether there is 220V voltage input to the water pump. If not, then the computer board is due to the reason. If so, it is the reason for the water pump. The water pump must be replaced. 4. The water distribution pipe on the ice tray and The water is clogged, which is due to the lack of cleaning for a long time. Just fold down the upper water pipe and the water divider to clean it. 5. Check the heat of the fan, check whether the fan is loose, lack of oil, etc. If it is water cooling, then check if the water turbine tube is blocked. If it is blocked, there is no way to dissipate heat. The compressor is overheated, and the automatic snowflake ice maker will stop after working for a while. The above is an introduction to the specific reasons why the water pump of the Snowflake does not supply water. For the reason why the water pump of the Snowflake does not supply water, we will find the reason in time and solve it in time.
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