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What are the reasons why the ice maker does not make ice? How to clean and maintain?


   ice maker is a kind of refrigeration mechanical equipment that uses water through an evaporator to be cooled by the refrigeration system refrigerant to produce ice. The refrigeration system uses a water carrier to produce ice after passing through a certain equipment under power. Today I want to introduce to you the reasons why the cbfi ice machine does not make ice? How to clean and maintain? Content, welcome to read!

What are the reasons why the ice maker does not make ice?

   1. The compressor works intermittently: 1. The voltage is too low. Check the power supply. 2. The contact point burns and the contact is not good. 3. System pressure protection. 4. The compressor starter is malfunctioning. 5. The condenser is too dirty, high pressure protection.

   2. Ice drop volume: 1. Capillary tube or expansion valve is blocked. 2. The moisture in the system is too high and there is a slight ice blockage. 3. The condensing system of the ice maker is blocked. 4. Insufficient refrigerant or leakage. 5. The evaporator is too dirty.

   3. Wet ice flakes are not hard: 1. The ambient temperature is too high, especially in summer. 2. Increase the refrigerant of the machine that has been repaired. 3. Too much water supply from the ice maker water tray. 4. The power of the press is insufficient.

   Fourth, the machine runs but does not produce ice: 1. The water pan has insufficient or no water. 2. Reducer failure or geared motor. 3. System failure and ice block. Dirty and so on. 4. The ice machine is leaking snow and the pressure is insufficient. 5. The ice thickness is insufficient.

   5. Ice machine leaks: 1. The water inlet valve supplies too much water to the water pan. 2. Connect the damaged place of the water pipe. 3. The pipe clamp is faulty. 4. The water level float valve is faulty.

   VI. Excessive noise: 1. The ice machine fan is faulty. 2. The reducer is faulty. 3. The compressor is noisy.

   Seven, water shortage alarm: 1. Water supply connector filter is blocked. 2. The water supply pipe is blocked. 3. The inlet valve is blocked. 4. The drain valve is leaking. 5. Pump failure. Eight, boot report system failure 1. Phase sequence problem. 2. The power supply system is faulty. 3. The control board is faulty.

How to clean and maintain the ice machine?

   1. After using the ice maker, you need to clean the ice cubes in the refrigerator. When cleaning the ice machine, turn off the power, do not directly flush the body with a water pipe, add an appropriate amount of neutral detergent with clean water (corrosive solvents such as acids and alkalis are strictly prohibited) to wipe the enclosure and inner tank of the machine, and then wipe with a soft cloth .

   2. The ice maker must rotate the head of the water inlet hose for two months to clean the water inlet valve filter to avoid sand and mud impurities in the water from blocking the water inlet and reduce the water inlet , Resulting in no ice making.

  3. Clean the dust on the surface of the condenser every two months. Poor condensation and heat dissipation will damage the compressor components. When cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner, a small brush, etc. to clean the oil dust on the condensing surface. Do not clean it with sharp metal tools to avoid damage to the condenser.

  4. The water pipe, sink, refrigerator and protective film of the ice maker should be cleaned every two months. When not in use, clean it, dry the ice mold and the moisture in the box with a hair dryer, and place it in a non-corrosive gas, ventilated and dry place, and avoid storage in the open air.

   Thanks for reading, the above are the reasons why the ice maker does not make ice? How to clean and maintain? The introduction, part of the content comes from the Internet, for reference only. Guangzhou Bingquan is engaged in the production and sales of ice machines, block ice machines, and flake ice machines. If you want to know more details about the price of ice machines, please call us for details and serve you wholeheartedly.

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