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What are the reasons for the failure of ice machine equipment

Many ice machine equipment failures are water related. The water filtration system of the ice maker provides built-in scale inhibition as well as chlorine odor and odor and reduces sediment. Keep the kitchen running smoothly, the water filtration technology used in the cbfi ice machine. Provide your customers with high-quality water and help your equipment efficiently run the water filtration system used in the ice machine. Ice machine water filtration benefits: It can reduce irregular service calls related to corrosion, deposits and scaling in commercial cubes and pavers; reduce excessive chlorine odors and odors, which may cause chlorine odors in refrigerators and Corrosion; reducing fouling on the evaporator plate can significantly increase maintenance costs; reducing sediment particles that may block the distribution pipe and solenoid valve; the advantage of ice spring cbfi ice machine: we use our pioneering technology to produce healthy and fresh The product. Constantly seek innovative ways to increase profits. We expect to reduce our environmental impact by investing in sustainable technologies.
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