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What are the market applications of supermarket ice maker

What are the market applications of supermarket ice maker


With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for fresh aquatic seafood is increasing. 

Thanks to the development of ice machines in China, it provides guarantee for seafood retail preservation. Seafood began to develop from the

 coast to the inland and into ordinary households. Usually, the supermarket will be equipped with an ice machine of 1-5 tons. Whether the supermarket 

is equipped with an ice machine reflects the comprehensive strength of the supermarket and the quality of fresh food. 

What are the applications of supermarket ice maker in the market? 

1. The application of retail fresh-keeping of seafood and aquatic products in supermarkets Fresh seafood, 

aquatic products, chickens, ducks, etc. in supermarkets need to be kept fresh with borneol. The usual practice is: put ice flakes in the ice table, 

and then spread fresh food on the ice flakes, which can not only keep fresh but also facilitate consumers to buy. Usually, supermarkets are generally 

equipped with 1-3 tons of flake ice maker There is a large demand for ice in supermarkets, and some are equipped with 2-5 tons of medium-sized flake ice making machine.

2. Preservation of fresh meat and poultry in the vegetable market The fresh food in the vegetable market is more abundant than the supermarket. There are usually many fresh and frozen products. If there is no borneol to keep it fresh, especially in the high temperature in summer, the fresh food is easy to breed bacteria and become stale. The usual practice is: first lay a layer of 50~100mm flake ice on the booth, then build a circle of ice walls with a height of 50~100mm around the booth, and then put fresh food into the ice wall. The open environment temperature of the vegetable market is high, and the borneol melts quickly. Therefore, when purchasing a flake ice machine, a flake ice maker machine with strong continuous ice production and stable performance is required. Each stall has ice. 


Then the flake ice machine is widely used in the distribution and preservation of vegetables in supermarkets In and poultry meat processing, there are the following application markets: 

1. Fishery, mainly sea water flake ice machine 

2. Processing of aquatic products 

3. Food processing (such as rapid cooling to prevent fermentation during stirring or secondary creaming in bread production) 

4. Pharmaceutical industry

 5. Concrete mixing

 6. Chemical dyes