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What are the main points of installation of ice block machine?

After you buy the ice block machine, you should complete the installation step, because only by installing in accordance with the specifications can you avoid problems in the future use process, so the ice block machine manufacturer reminds relevant personnel to have common sense of installation Knowing something, it is best to let a professional perform this step. Specifically, the installation points of ice block machine include the following aspects.

1. Keep horizontal placement

The ice block machine manufacturer recommends that you need to prepare a standard level ruler for corresponding measurement when installing it, and keep it at an absolute level, because only in this way can it maintain its performance and ensure the quality of ice making . The ice block machine manufacturer also introduced that the ice block machine should be moved to the determined installation position, and then placed on the top of the machine with a level, and then adjusted at the bottom until the level is displayed before removing the level.

2. Correct installation of water system

Because the ice block machine has certain requirements for water quality when treating diseases, it should be connected to the tap water supply system that can be drunk by ordinary people. At the same time, it must be filtered before entering the machine, so it should be installed in the corresponding position. On the filter, because some ice cubes are drunk directly, you must pay more attention to this aspect of the operation. At the same time, the ice block machine manufacturer reminds that the water supply system must meet the water temperature and water pressure within the specified range before it can be used normally, so that the machine can operate normally.

Three, to ensure that the power supply conditions meet the requirements

Before proceeding with this installation, the ice block machine manufacturer reminds you to read the instructions or the requirements marked on the nameplate on the machine to ensure that the connected power supply is consistent with it. At the same time, in order to avoid electric shock problems, the grounding wire is an indispensable measure, and the direct cooling ice block machine manufacturer emphasizes that all wiring installations must be in agreement with the national specifications and there can be no errors.

The above are several aspects included in the installation points of the ice block machine. In addition, usually the machine has undergone trial operation and debugging before leaving the factory, so it can be officially used after the installation is completed. However, the ice block machine manufacturer reminds the need to pay attention to that the ice block machine should be placed in a cool, dry place without sunlight, and the space should be as large as possible. If there is not enough space around it, then it should be installed around. The suction fan helps it dissipate heat.
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