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What are the ice making equipment? A variety of ice making equipment

According to the shape of ice, ice making equipment can be divided into flake ice machine, cube ice machine (ice cube machine), block ice machine, plate ice machine, tube ice machine, fluid ice machine, shell Tube Ice Machine, snow machine, ice bottle Machine and other types. 1. The block ice equipment includes a block ice machine, an ice block machine, and an ice bar machine, which can be divided into a direct cooling block ice machine and a salt pool block ice machine. Ice cubes are the largest in size among ice products, have a small contact area with the outside world, and are not easy to melt. It can be crushed into various forms of ice cubes according to different requirements. It is suitable for ice sculpture, ice storage, sea transportation, sea fishing, etc. After crushing, it can be used in all places where ice is used. However, after being crushed, the ice will be partially melted and the amount of ice will be lost. Ice cubes can be divided into transparent ice cubes and milky white ice cubes. The daily output of the equipment can reach 1 ton to 100 tons. 2. Flake ice machine, also known as scale machine, is one of the most commonly used ice types. Flake ice machines can be divided into fresh water flake ice machines, sea water flake ice machines, and marine flake ice machines. The flake ice is thin, dry and loose white ice with a thickness ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 mm. The shape of the flakes is irregular, and the diameter is about 12 to 45 mm. Flake ice has no sharp edges and corners and will not stab frozen objects. It can enter the gap between the objects to be cooled, reduce heat exchange, maintain the temperature of the ice, and have a good moisturizing effect. Flake ice has excellent refrigeration effect and has the characteristics of large and rapid refrigeration. Therefore, it is mainly used in seafood and aquatic products, food processing, supermarket fresh-keeping, fishery fishing, concrete mixing, etc. The daily output of the equipment can reach 300 kg-100 tons. 3. Square ice machine, also known as ice pellet machine and pellet ice machine, is one of the most commonly used ice types. Square ice is in the form of pellets, and the size of the ice mold is generally 8×28×25mm, 23×23×23mm, and 28×25×13mm. It is suitable for the preparation of drinking products, decoration, food preservation and preservation, etc., so most of them are edible ice. The daily output of the equipment can reach 30 kg-10 tons. 4. The tube ice machine is named because the shape of the ice cubes produced is a hollow tube of irregular length. The inner hole is 5mm-15mm cylindrical hollow tube ice, and the length is between 25mm~42mm. There are many kinds of ice. The size is available, the outer diameter of the ice is: 22, 29, 32, 35mm, etc. The name of the ice cubes produced is tube ice. The contact area is the smallest among the existing ice types in the market, and it has the best melting resistance. It is suitable for the preparation of drinking products, decoration, food ice storage and preservation, etc., so most of them are edible ice. The daily output can reach 0.5 tons-50 tons. 5. Plate ice machines, generally industrial ice machines. The ice produced is lumpy, irregular, hard, transparent and dry, small in surface volume, not easy to melt, the thickness of the plate ice is 10-16mm, and the size is 30×40mm-60×100mm. The thickness and width can be adjusted freely according to the application. It is widely used in seafood, aquatic products, food processing, cold chain transportation, etc. Generally, the daily output can reach 1 to 30 tons. 6. Snow machine, full name Snow Ice Maker. The ice type is relatively humid, with water content generally between 15% and 25%, and the temperature is slightly below zero. It has good plasticity and is easy to take and accumulate. The shape of the ice produced is small, amorphous, snowflake-shaped crushed ice. It can penetrate into a narrow gap, has a fast cooling speed, and has a good ice bath effect. It is specially designed for laboratories and is especially suitable for use in laboratories such as life sciences, medicine, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, inspection and quarantine. Seven, fluid ice machine, also known as liquid ice machine, flow ice machine, fluid ice machine, a fluid form of ice, a mixture of countless tiny ice crystals and aqueous solution (usually salt water, sea water or glycol). Semi-liquid ice, low temperature, large contact area, etc. It can be used in the fields of seafood and aquatic products, fishery, commercial and supermarket fresh-keeping, food processing industry and other fields.
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