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What are the application of ice machine?

The flake ice machine is mainly composed of a compressor, an expansion valve, a condenser, and an evaporator, forming a closed-loop refrigeration system. The evaporator of the flake ice machine is a vertically erected barrel structure, which is mainly composed of ice skates, a main shaft, a sprinkler tray, and a drain tray. Driven by the reducer, they slowly rotate counterclockwise. Water enters the water diversion tray from the water inlet of the evaporator of the flake ice machine, and the water is evenly sprinkled on the inner wall of the evaporator through the sprinkler tray to form a water film; the water film exchanges heat with the refrigerant in the evaporator flow channel, and the temperature drops rapidly , A thin layer of ice is formed on the inner wall of the evaporator, which is broken into flakes of ice under the squeeze of the ice skates, and falls into the ice storage from the ice falling port. Part of the uniced water flows back into the cold water tank from the water return port through the water tray, and enters the next cycle through the cold water circulating pump. Features of ice spring flake ice machine: 1. Independent production and design of flake ice evaporator, which is designed and manufactured according to pressure vessel standards, which is sturdy, safe and reliable with zero leakage. Direct ice continuous formation at low temperature, low ice flake temperature and high efficiency. 2. The whole machine has passed the international CE and SGS certification, which is guaranteed. 3. Fully automatic control, unattended, for flake ice machine failures such as voltage phase loss, overload, water shortage, full ice, low pressure and high pressure, etc., it will automatically stop and give an alarm to ensure the stable operation of ice making equipment. 4. Adopt first-line brand refrigeration accessories: German Bitzer, Danfoss Denmark, Copeland, Taiwan Hanbell compressor, Italy Lai Fukang and other well-known compressors, Danfoss solenoid valve, expansion valve, filter drier, American Emerson expansion Valves and other refrigeration accessories, flake ice machines are of reliable quality, low failure rate, and high ice making efficiency. 5. The ice storage cabinet is made of stainless steel and filled with thermal insulation materials to ensure that the ice will not melt for 24 hours. 6. Factory direct sales, door-to-door installation, ice-making equipment warranty for 12 months, nationwide warranty and lifetime technical support. 7. The company has many years of experience in design and production, and accepts non-standard customization of different ice-making equipment. Customers can choose their own ice-making equipment for ice-making equipment materials, refrigeration accessories, and condensation methods. Flake ice machines are widely used in aquatic products preservation, food processing, meat processing, fresh supermarkets, fishery production, cold chain logistics, medical research, chemical printing and dyeing, concrete cooling and other industries. Bingquan flake ice machine application: 1. When aquatic products are processed and kept fresh, flake ice can reduce the temperature of processing medium, washing water and aquatic products, prevent the growth of bacteria, and keep aquatic products fresh during processing. 2. Meat products are processed and kept fresh, and flake ice that meets hygienic standards is mixed with meat and stirred. In order to achieve the purpose of cooling and keeping fresh. 3. Food processing and preservation, such as when stirring or re-creaming in bread production, use flake ice to quickly cool down to prevent fermentation. 4. Fresh supermarkets are used for the preservation, display and packaging of aquatic products. 5. Cold chain logistics, ocean fishing, vegetable transportation and other products that require cooling and freshness are increasingly using flake ice to cool and keep fresh in long-distance transportation. 6. It is also widely used in chemical printing and dyeing, medicine, scientific laboratory and other industries. 7. When concrete is mixed, when the concrete is poured in a large area in the hot season, ice flakes are used to control the temperature of concrete pouring and transportation.
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