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What are the advantages of supermarket ice machines?

The supermarket ice machine uses a very safe, reliable and environmentally friendly cryogenic liquid (liquid nitrogen separated from the air) as the refrigerant, which directly contacts the surface of the frozen food, so that the food is quickly frozen and fluidized. Because this freezing method has a very high heat transfer efficiency and can handle large quantities of food at the same time, it has become widely used as a cold storage auxiliary equipment for many food companies. So what are the specific advantages of the supermarket ice machine in order to quickly conquer consumers?

Fully automatic intelligent integrated operation

The operation and use of the supermarket ice machine has been closely integrated with the computer computer system, so the operation of its frozen food can be realized by the computer terminal system, and at the same time, it can monitor the temperature and humidity changes in the room during freezing. Timely warning and adjustment, and equipped with special integrated automatic cleaning equipment, operation and maintenance are very convenient and fast. Therefore, the user must understand which supermarket ice machine to buy, and its performance can be guaranteed to realize the maximum use advantage of the equipment.

Low energy consumption, high cooling capacity utilization

Supermarket cbfi ice machine refrigerant can directly separate nitrogen from the air, and use a patented fan system to dissipate heat. At the same time, the application of high-speed fans can form an ultra-low temperature wind field, so as to improve the utilization rate of cold capacity, which can greatly The energy consumption of liquid nitrogen is reduced, and the energy consumption of the freezing process of the entire equipment is greatly reduced.

High configuration, safe and reliable

The supermarket ice machine not only uses multiple complex interlocking designs and Germany's top low-temperature valve to ensure the sealing of the freezing tank, but also ensures the safety and reliability of the operators and production sites. The outer frame of the whole body of the equipment adopts high-configuration plc automatic control interlayer and special insulation materials with low temperature resistance. At the same time, it has excellent resistance and explosion resistance, which can ensure the long-term use and stable operation of the equipment.

It can be seen that the advantages of the supermarket ice machine can be mainly reflected in its high configuration, strong safety, intelligent operation and cleaning, and low energy consumption. Of course, with the continuous in-depth exploration of refrigeration technology by major industries and institutions, it is believed that supermarket ice machines will have more advantageous functions in the future. At the same time, supermarket ice machine cost standards will also be continuously improved and updated, providing users with a More affordable prices.
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