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West Germany Inco-Ziegra automatic ice maker


  The ice machine produced by inco-Ziegra in Hanover, West Germany, can produce about 30kg-10 tons of ice per day. The 30 kg daily cbfi ice machine is UBE30-7. It has a 7 kg refrigerator with an outline size of 36 x 45 x 61 cm and a weight of 40 kg. It is driven by an electric motor and consumes 0.5 kilowatts of refrigerant. Use R 12. The ice-making profile with a daily output of 10 tons is 233 x 186 x 160 cm and weighs 1800 kg. The refrigerant is Freon Rm, and the power consumption is 80 kilowatts and 380 volts.

The    ice making method is to supply the 7 stored in the water storage tank to the ice making jelly through the valve connected to the tank. There is a coiled tube around the ice making tube, and the ice is ready on the coiled tube. A worm is used to peel off the ball, and then transported to the upper part of the machine for crushing, and the crushed dry ice falls into the storage refrigerator.

  The side plate of the machine shell is made of stainless steel with a thickness of 1 cm. The machine operation is fully automated. The whole set of equipment is completely muffled. It consumes less heat. It only needs 80 kcal to make -0.5°C ice, and then only 0.5 kcal is added for every 1°C decrease, that is, it only needs 85 kcal to make -10°C ice.

   The factory also produces a high-efficiency cbfi ice machine with a daily output of 250 tons. (This information is reproduced from the Internet)

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