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We only know the ice process of the ice making mechanism but forget the ice harvesting process


   When enough ice is formed, the ice thickness detector touches the water flow (not ice). At this time, the controller's ice harvesting/safety limit 'HARVEST' indicator lights up. After 7 seconds of continuous contact with the water flow, the ice harvesting starts, but If the ice making time has not reached 6 minutes, the cbfi ice machine will not enter the ice harvesting process.

   When the ice thickness detector is in continuous contact with water for 7 seconds and the ice making time exceeds 6 minutes, the cbfi ice machine starts to harvest ice. When ice harvesting, the water pump continues to run and the drain solenoid valve is opened to drain the water in the sink. The drain time can be set to 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 45 seconds (there is a drain time selector switch on the controller).

  Only when the drain time is set to 45 seconds, the last 15 seconds of draining the water inlet solenoid valve is open if the draining time Set to 15 seconds or 30 seconds during the entire draining period, the water inlet solenoid valve will not open. After draining according to the set time, the water inlet solenoid valve, drain solenoid valve, and water pump are closed and no longer operate during the entire ice harvesting process, and the draining starts When the hot gas valve is opened, the hot refrigerant vapor flows into the evaporator to heat the ice cubes formed. With the extension of the heating time, the ice cubes slide into the ice storage compartment under the action of gravity, and the water curtain plate plays the role of the ice cubes. The bottom swing up-down, open-close the cabinet switch, and the controller's cabinet switch 'CURTAIN' indicator light goes out-lit, and the instant open-close of the cabinet switch will end the ice harvesting process, and the cbfi ice machine will enter the next system Ice procedure.

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