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Water leakage treatment method of cube ice maker_「Deqing Ice Spring Refrigeration」


The    cube cbfi ice machine is a common cbfi ice machine in our daily life. It is mainly used for refrigerating and keeping things fresh and cooling and cooling; especially for the refrigeration and preservation of food, it can be greatly extended The effect of shelf life to keep fresh is even more popular in summer. Usually in the process of using the cube cbfi ice machine, we will inevitably encounter some small faults and other problems. For example, the water leakage of the cube ice maker is a very common problem. What is the failure of this situation? The reason for this situation There are many. The editor will give you a detailed introduction to the cause and solution of the water leakage of the cube ice maker.

   Cube ice maker water leakage phenomenon and treatment:

   1. Phenomenon reason: cube ice maker water tank The inside is full of water, overflowing to the ground, so that there is water on the ground around the box.

   Treatment method: adjust the float valve switch in the water tank to the appropriate position.

   2. The cause of the phenomenon: the water tank or the evaporator is not placed in the right position, deflected, inclined or not placed in place, causing the water to flow out.

   Treatment method: Put the water receiving tank and the evaporator in the right position, so that the water in the tank can accurately flow into the evaporator.

   3. The cause of the phenomenon: due to poor quality, the water receiving tank or evaporator is affected by low temperature (referring to the water tray), high temperature (referring to the evaporator), aging and cracking, or being broken and leaking. The water tank is not cleaned for a long time, the food scraps flow into the drain hole, the drain pipe is blocked, and the water cannot be introduced into the water receiving evaporator, but flows outside.

   Treatment method: repair the broken water tank and evaporator, and replace the new ones if they cannot be repaired. When the machine is powered off, use a 60-70cm thin iron wire to dredge the pipe back and forth, and slowly pour a whole cup of water into the hole. If the whole cup of water can be completely poured, it proves that it has been completely dredged.

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