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Water cooled condenser

Water cooled condenser is mainly used in water chiller units, such as water cooled chiller. This type of condenser heat transfer process is the industrial ice machine heat - - - - Circulating cooling water - - - - - Ambient air. So water cooled chiller condensing pressure control could be achieved mainly by adjusting the cooling water temperature, the purpose of regulating method has the following two categories.

one way is to adjust the chiller cooling capacity of cooling tower. By changing the ventilation rate, cooling tower after air cooling water temperature rise, so as to avoid condensing pressure too much lower, the change in method of air volume, in the cooling tower into FengKouChu choke valve, reduce the fan speed or reducing the fan running the Numbers.

the other is to adjust the chillers, cooling water circulation use three-way valve water in cooling water in and out of the water pipe set by-pass adjustment, tee water valve with condensing pressure signal, according to the condensing pressure and the deviation of the set value is proportional to the flow capacity, the regulation of keeping the condensing pressure within a permissible range.

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