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Water cooled chillers working principle diagram and introduction

Water cooled chiller is named for its cooling by water, is also belongs to a kind of cold water machine. Water cooled chillers working principle is the use of shell and tube evaporator water heat exchange with the industrial ice machine, industrial ice machine system in the absorption of heat load in the water, the water cooling to produce cold water after heat, through the role of the refrigeration compressor will bring to the shell and tube condenser, heat exchange by refrigerant and water, the water absorption heat through heat pipes will be out of the external cooling tower after lost ( Water cooling) ) 。

cold water machine working principle is first by the refrigeration compressor suction evaporative cooling after low temperature low pressure industrial ice machine gas, then compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas condenser; High pressure high temperature gas after the condenser cooling gas condensed into a room temperature high pressure liquid; When the room temperature high pressure liquid into the thermal expansion valve, the throttle into low temperature low pressure wet steam, into the shell and tube evaporator, absorb the frozen water in the evaporator heat water temperature drops; After the evaporation of refrigerant and then back into the compressor suction, repeated under a refrigeration cycle, so as to realize cooling purposes.

water cooled chillers working principle diagram:

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