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Water cooled chiller supporting the role of the cooling tower

Water cooled chillers in the evaporator industrial ice machine evaporation absorbs heat from the compressor of mercury in the form of hot steam condenser, then the cooling water from the cooling tower will this part of the industrial ice machine heat steam condensation. Is contained in the condenser cooling water absorbs heat from the building, and then have a mercury will be sent to the cooling water cooling tower, water in the cooling tower, this part by air blowing cooling water, will heat the water, to make the most of the cooling water for cooling condenser.

most basic similar to the working principle of the cooling tower, reduce the temperature of cooling water cooling tower by evaporation. When the cooling water flow into the cooling tower, its surface area is increased, while promoting the larger surface area and adopt different method is also described a variety of structure formation is one of the reasons for the cooling tower. When in order to obtain more surface area for the water spray, its temperature will also close to the wet bulb temperature of air. Water can't be the temperature of the cooling medium, wet bulb temperature of air. Ideal cooling tower shall be can make the temperature drop to outdoor air wet bulb temperature outdoor, but the cooling tower will be infinite. For the conventional cooling tower, the manufacturers can only make the water temperature of cooling tower and air wet-bulb temperature close to 7 ℉ or so. There are close to the temperature of 5 ℉ cooling tower, but it is very rare in the air conditioning equipment.

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