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Water cooled chiller four items of water cooled condenser is introduced

Water cooled chiller four items of water cooled condenser to introduce

high pressure water chiller and water cooled condenser is usually adopted in the pipe, the pipe outer shell and tube condenser for refrigerants. Shell and tube must be adapted to the industrial ice machine pressure, water side of the working pressure is similar to the aforementioned evaporator working pressure, which is about 150 - 300 psig。 General hot exhaust steam directly away from the top of the condenser. refrigeration into liquid flows to the bottom of the condenser, and fluid in the pool at the bottom of the back row. Like evaporator, to increase the pipe condenser refrigerant heat exchange area can improve the effect of heat exchange between water and refrigeration. The inside of the pipe condenser can also like the evaporator of the pipe rolling screw groove, in order to improve the pipe of water side heat transfer effect.

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