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Water cooled chiller commonly used cooling towers

Water cooled industrial ice machine heat transfer tools mainly cooling towers, cooling water tower is used by water cooled chiller heat exchange of circulating cooling water system of main equipment, its performance determines the condensation temperature of cooling system, and determines the performance of the cooling water system.
the water cooled chiller cooling towers are usually usually used, with strong cooling capacity, light weight and easy installation of glass steel suction type counterflow cooling tower, this tower is usually made from glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling towers, the water tower is equipped with suction fan, the reverse flow of water and air. Air and water reverse flow, due to the temperature of the water is generally higher than the temperature of the air water, both for heat exchange, take away part of the heat.
air around by the water tower bottom into the tower, the flow from bottom to top, cold water machine after using warm water pumps into the top of the cooling tower, by fan sucked out from the top of the tower; By rotating a water distribution device on many of the nozzle or nozzles spray down, after cooling water flows out from the bottom. So as to achieve the refrigeration system cooling purposes. Because the water saturation vapour pressure is higher than water vapor partial pressure in the air, some water evaporates, take away the gasification of latent heat. In heat transfer under the joint action of the water temperature is reduced, the temperature of the air temperature rise, rising humidity, relative increase.

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