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Water circulation device of cooling circulation water machine

Cooling circulation water machine ( Known as the cold water machine) Water circulation device made up of condenser, evaporator, compressor, water tank, etc. At work, industrial ice machine compressor through work its temperature and pressure, after through the water, Or air) Condenser transfer heat to the external environment, and throttling depressurization, refrigerant in the evaporator evaporation again, absorption of heat, so as to get low temperature of chilled water, chilled water from the pump out of the outlet pump supply after the cooling load and heat exchange of condensed water then through back to the gate back into water tank, so the refrigeration cycles. But low efficiency of heat exchange of condensed water in water tank, so more energy consumption.
in order to overcome the deficiency of existing technology, and provide an additional return pipe, improve the efficiency of the refrigeration machine water circulation device of cold water. Including water tank and refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment includes compressor, condenser, evaporator, the evaporator is set inside the water tank, water tank outlet, back to the gate, shuikou shuttle back return pipe, the water return pipe end extends to the bottom of the tank, but not in contact with the tank bottom. Return pipe has a straight section and a sagging, sagging period of vertical tank bottom extension; Return pipe of water side level or below the outlet of the water tank; Return pipe of water side towards designed for vertical tank bottom of drainage holes; On the water side wall openings down hole is designed. Return pipe of water side design for spiral drainage holes. Spiral design of drainage holes by return pipe outlet ends of the spiral bending structure. Its advantage is that the additional return pipe to promote the flow of the flow of water, make the flow of water and water tank inside the evaporator fully exchange water cycle is formed within the tank at the same time, improve the efficiency of heat exchange and refrigeration cooling faster, less energy consumption.

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