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Warm water type lithium bromide absorption mechanism of cold cold principle

Warm water type lithium bromide absorption mechanism of cold water pumping cold principle is lithium dilute solution is solution to the regenerator, generated by work after steam heating lithium bromide solution and refrigerant vapor, industrial ice machine vapor was condensed in the condenser cooling water, and then be sent to the evaporator, spray onto copper tube evaporative heat, cooling water evaporation of water vapor is absorbed by the strong lithium bromide solution, copper tube is cooled in the cold water was sent to the user's system. Concentrated solution after absorbing water to dilute solution, the solution heat away by cooling water.

the system cooling process is: the state of the cooling water ( Water & ndash; Steam & ndash; Water) And the concentration change of the absorbent ( Concentrated solution of a dilute solution & ndash; Concentrated solution) In the process.

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