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Vortex compressor water chillers

Vortex compressor is a kind of variable compressor. Compressor capacity of chiller used in general than in front of the book chapters discussed in the vortex compressor. Water chiller is in commonly 10 - the vortex compressor capacity The range of 25 tons of cold, but it works with small capacity of the vortex compressor are exactly the same, they are often welded enclosed type compressor. Water chiller using this kind of compressor, cold water machine capacity to run, respectively, 10 tons of good cold cold 25 tons of ways to control of compressor. For example, if a 25 tons of cold water chiller adopt 4 sets of 15 tons of cold compressor, then it can respectively in 100% ( Cold 60 tons) And 75% ( 45%) And 50% ( Cold 30 tons) And 25% ( Cold 15 tons) The capacity of the state of operation.

vortex compressor of the many advantages:

1. High efficiency.

2. Quiet, low noise.

3. Very little motion artifacts.

4. Small volume, light weight.

5. Can be run under the condition of a small amount of liquid industrial ice machine, not their own damage.

vortex compressor during downtime to run almost no high pressure flow of industrial ice machine from the system to the low voltage side form resistance. To prevent the reverse flow of industrial ice machine system downtime, generally can be set up check valve.

the vortex compressor lubrication is installed on the crankshaft oil at the bottom of the mercury, mercury from the bottom of the drain lubricating oil, after all the moving parts of the lubrication shaft on its own.

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