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Velvet antler lyophilizer

Traditional antler drying process includes cooking Fried, roasted, sun exposure, such as heating processing steps, will cause a loss of nutrients in pilose antler and its biological activity. Velvet antler lyophilizer by using the principle of the frozen vacuum drying technology can keep the activity of nutrients antler advanced drying technology.

here we ever to use its own production of deer antler velvet antler lyophilizer do freeze-dried experience. It is concluded that to maintain the antler biological activity and retains the nutrients, particularly in the freeze-drying process control material temperature not to exceed 45 degrees.

velvet antler is a precious traditional Chinese medicine raw materials. Velvet antler containing more than 20 amino acids, a variety of hormones, superoxide dismutase (sod), SOD) And more amine matter, also contains lecithin, polysaccharide, peptides, vitamin A, insulin-like growth factor ( IGF- 1) Growth hormone (gh), releasing factor ( GHRF - 6) , and calcium phosphate, chondroitin sulfate, many bioactive factors such as nutrition, has the very good health care, the treatment function. Because the wild deer is legal to protect animals, so, edible and medicinal from farmed deer deer products. In China, Canada, New Zealand and other countries, has a large-scale farms, only in the northeast region in China, the dry antler have hundreds of tons yearly.

fresh velvet antler contains about 70% water, not dry in time or to be affected with damp be affected with damp pilose antler, in under the action of enzyme or outside their own corruption, reduce or lose their medicinal value. Freeze-dry pilose antler is advantageous to the storage, transportation and use. Due to different types of pilose antler and local climate conditions, velvet antler drying method is different also. For example, in the northeast China has been the traditional boiling Fried and air drying combined processing method of pilose antler, useful in other areas of fire baking, drying and other processing method of velvet antler.

freeze-dry pilose antler advantage: many studies have shown that, for all kinds of traditional machining process are included by heat treatment process of pilose antler, reduce some of pilose antler nutrients degeneration or activity; And adopt the method of boiled processing technology pilose antler, there will be a lot of medicinal ingredients loss effectively. For this, people began to study some advanced drying technology in the application of pilose antler processing, including frozen vacuum drying ( Freeze-dried) Technology. Freeze-drying is frozen material placed in the freeze-drying chamber of the lyophilizer, on the premise of keep frozen, freeze-drying chamber of pumping air into vacuum state, make the material of ice sublimation, achieve the purpose of dehydration. Because the lyophilization process fully retained by dry material of nutrients and active substances, so in biological products, Chinese herbal medicine active materials such as processing industry has a good application prospect. A number of scholars study, freeze and nutrient content in the velvet antler and activity of good traditional processing method of velvet antler.

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