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Vegetables Cold Storage Room with 6 types Temperature Setting

Vegetables Cold Storage Room with 6 types Temperature Setting


Fresh-keeping cold storage room is often used to store vegetables and fruits and other perishable fresh products, improve the quality and flavor and extend the delivery time, thereby realizing the improvement of economic benefits. Generally speaking, the temperature of the fresh-keeping cold storage is set to 0~5℃, but in actual use, it should be adjusted according to the types of vegetables and fruits stored. Only by setting the most suitable storage temperature can the economic benefits of the cold storage be maximized. Bingquan has compiled the fresh-keeping cold storage temperatures of several common types of vegetables, in order of root vegetables, leafy vegetables, melons and vegetables, solanaceous fruits, edible fungi and vegetable beans.

       Root vegetables preservation temperature

  Root vegetables: garlic sprouts, garlic, long yam, potatoes, horseradish, turnips, carrots, radishes, bamboo shoots, asparagus, celery, fresh-keeping temperature is 0-5 ℃. For flat yam, ginger, sweet potato, and taro, the vegetables cold room temperature is 0-15℃.

   Leafy vegetables preservation temperature

Leafy vegetables: head lettuce, upright lettuce, purple leaf lettuce, rapeseed, milk cabbage, spinach (point leaf type), chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, shallots, leeks, cabbage, brussels sprouts, chicory, Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Kale, Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage, kale, lettuce, parsley, water chestnut, chard, cold storage temperature: 0-3 ℃.

  The fresh-keeping temperature of melons and vegetables

  Fruit vegetables: Chayote and loofah are kept fresh at 5-10°C; cucumber, pumpkin, winter gourd, winter zucchini (winter squash), dwarf zucchini, and bitter gourd are kept fresh at 10-15°C.


  Fresh storage temperature of solanaceous and fruit vegetables cold storage room

  Eggplant and fruit vegetables: red ripe tomatoes and sweet corn, fresh-keeping temperature: 0-5℃; eggplant, green ripe tomatoes, green peppers, 9-13℃.

  Fresh-keeping temperature of edible fungus vegetables

  Edible fungus vegetables: Bailing mushroom, Flammulina velutipes, Pleurotus ostreatus, Shiitake, Agaricus bisporus, the fresh-keeping temperature is: 0-3℃; Straw mushroom fresh-keeping temperature is 11-13℃

  Fresh-keeping temperature of legumes for vegetables

  Vegetable legumes: sweet beans, snow peas, and peas are kept fresh at 0-3°C; winged beans, lentils, kidney beans, cowpeas, carobs, edamame pods, and kidney beans are kept fresh at 6-12°C.