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Variable working condition characteristics of libr absorption chiller

In the actual operation of lithium bromide absorption refrigerating machine is unlikely to keep working at the design condition, the unit often due to the changes of environmental conditions, driving heat source, user load, such as environmental conditions, and the unit internal circulation conditions change, the refrigerating capacity of the refrigeration unit, heat source of heat consumption and coefficient of thermal performance index is changed also. To understand the impact of these factors on the unit is helpful to grasp the lithium bromide absorption refrigerating machine design, operation, and type selection.

steam generator

for driving heat source of steam of steam libr absorption industrial ice machine ( Water vapor) , heat source temperature change is the change of steam pressure. When the steam pressure change, solution cycle changes. Practical solution circulation said design conditions, when steam pressure or temperature decrease, generator decreased to t4, t4 concentrated solution of temperature at the outlet of the lithium bromide solution quality score for w generator by w will produce the cold extrusion of steam content decreases, refrigerating capacity corresponding decreases, at the same time, the heat load of condenser and absorber, condensing pressure by pk, leaving the temperature of the absorber of dilute solution by reduced to t t, evaporating pressure for 2 p dotted line represents temperature changes by p increased after the solution of actual cycle.

after steam pressure changes, the concentration of the concentrated solution and dilute solution have change, but change the concentration of the concentrated solution is bigger than the concentration of the dilute solution changes, the double-effect lithium bromide absorption refrigerating unit, two generator system with high and low pressure, the above analysis method, however, the change of the heat source temperature on the influence of double-effect lithium bromide absorption refrigeration unit is greater than in single effect unit, heat source temperature changes not only the temperature of the generator outlet solution, and the influence of cold extrusion of high voltage generator produces the steam pressure and temperature, and further affect the mortgage generator heat source temperature
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