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Vapour compression compression and single cycle

In vapor compression refrigeration unit, adopt the various types of refrigeration compressor. They are the key core equipment, to travel performance of the system, noise, vibration and service life has a decisive role.

according to the principle of steam compression, compressor can be divided into two basic types of volume type and velocity type. Solvent compressor by operation organization work, to reduce the pressure chamber volume, improve the steam pressure to complete the compression function. Speed type compressor side by the rotating parts is not transfer angular momentum to the steam in a row, then the momentum to pressure.

with the continuous development of engineering technology and progress, the type and structure of the compressor has changed a lot, the classification and structure of refrigeration and air conditioning compressor is commonly used, all kinds of compressor in the scope of the application of refrigeration and air conditioning engineering.

the theory of single stage compressor piston cycle

discussed in simplified theory of compressor cycle, is to ignore the actual cycle in the inevitable loss and irreversible loss of volume and mass loss. Theoretical cycle, can point to some basic relations between the thermodynamic parameters and basic way to increase the circulation indexes, and determine the limit cycle index, to evaluate the perfect degree of the compressor actual cycle.

to measure the compressor is the most to two performance indexes of the capacity and the consumed power, always demand with the minimum power input and maximum capacity. For refrigeration compressor, under the given conditions the capacity size of refrigerating capacity that is directly related to the size of the.
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