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Vacuum freeze drying unit into the system

Vacuum freeze-drying machine, also known as the lyophilizer equipment, mainly divided into normal and gland type, and vacuum freezing dryer system by cooling system, vacuum system, control system, circulation system, hydraulic system. The following features and functions of each composition system under manufacturer said:

1, the refrigeration system: in vacuum freezing dryer is one of the main working part, it is made of the refrigeration compressor and auxiliary facilities can provide cold source for drying oven and cold trap, in the refrigeration system in addition to high and low pressure gauge with display, also equipped with a pressure controller, when the high pressure is too high, high voltage relay will start to work, at this point, the compressor will stop work;

2, vacuum system: by cold trap, drying oven, vacuum valves, vacuum pumps, vacuum pipelines, vacuum gauge tube and so on several parts, which has a strong suction vacuum pump capacity, on the one hand can promote moisture to sublimate in the vacuum drying oven, on the other hand the system between the cold trap and drying box can form a vacuum pressure difference, make the moisture in the drying oven after distillation can be cold trap successful capture;

3, the control system: mainly consists of a programmable logic controller, touch screen, peripheral relays, sensors, etc;

4, circulatory system, in a vacuum freeze drying machine, the circulatory system is a part of the essential person who relied on freeze drying and heating temperature difference to cause material to convey a kind of technology, the racks of cooling and heating is carried out through the heat transfer of heat conduction oil, in order to make the heat conduction oil to cycle continuously throughout the system, you need to shield type circulation system to work;

5, the hydraulic system: is gland type vacuum freeze drier in the power system, is mainly used to carry out at the end of the dry, to schering bottles of pressing the cork into the bottle.

pilot type vacuum freeze drier

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