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Vacuum freeze drying machine which brand is good

Vacuum freeze drying machine which brand is good? It also has been the industry consulting one of many questions.

a, some people say that freeze drying machine imported brand good

(1) the two sides to understand the advanced science and technology developed countries import of vacuum freeze dryer, much performance is due to domestic brands; But some of the poor and backward country is imported freeze drying machine, such as market, after all, the 369 has;

(2) to choose the imported brand vacuum freeze-drying machine, also represents your after-sale services will always be your concern. No never bad equipment, after all. , regardless of his serious equipment failure problems alone foibles, damaged or missing some parts are very difficult to find in home matching parts; For example we often received some college consulting import equipment can help repair, do you have this parts? Or the accessories can be customized? Problems in the list is endless;

3. Is the price of imported vacuum freeze drying machine price is higher, tens of thousands of a laboratory vacuum pump alone. So it will start according to the budget.

2, some Chinese domestic brands of vacuum freezing dryer is trustworthy

in the first place, with the development of the scientific level in our country, the domestic vacuum freeze drier the continuous improvement of production technology, part of the vacuum freeze dryer manufacturers were born in JunKeYuan of vacuum freezing dryer originated in our country, especially in the Yangtze river delta region, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Some important,) , has ten years of research and development of production technology;

then, some domestic manufacturers of vacuum freeze drying machine core components also gradually choose imported brands, such as compressor, popular science ( The original danfoss) , taikang and other import brands;

in the end, the price is affordable; Small LABS type also has become the factory of standard products, stable performance; Coupled with the after-sales service is convenient in time.

summary: vacuum freezing dryer which brand is good? In fact, comprehensive consideration, suits own is the best!
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