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Vacuum freeze drying machine used in hairdressing cosmetic producing principle and advantage

Vacuum freeze drying machine used in hairdressing cosmetic producing principle is to advance the product in low temperature environment inside water freezes, then under vacuum sterile environment will be frozen water sublimation products inside, producing and cosmetics. Producing can effectively maintain the biological activity of cosmetics, greatly reduces the risk of bioactive substances by thermal decomposition.
vacuum freeze drier in hairdressing cosmetic producing application advantages, it has many unique advantages, mainly as follows:
1, freeze drying can be a very good effective active ingredient and heat sensitive material were conserved and cosmetics
freeze drying was conducted under the conditions of low temperature and high oxygen, thus microbes and enzymes, cosmetics are not affected by oxidation, its effective active ingredient of minimal losses, so especially suitable for extremely thermal drying and easy oxidation of cosmetics.
2, freeze drying method can better keep food original form
cosmetics producing after freeze first, form a stable solid skeleton. Essentially unchanged after dehydration solid skeleton and porous sponge structure can form, swear, it is the ideal instant and fast after water.
3, freeze-dry dehydration thoroughly cosmetics, long shelf life
in general, the cosmetics producing residual moisture under 5%, and the residual moisture distribution inside the food even, so under the condition of using vacuum packaging, can be preserved in normal temperature environment for years without deterioration.
4, because the material was frozen in advance, the original dissolved in water, inorganic salt, solute was fixed, therefore, is not going to happen when dehydration solute migration phenomenon caused by surface hardening.
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