Vacuum freeze drying machine safety operation rules

by:CBFI     2020-10-02
Vacuum freeze drying machine safety operation rules:
1. Pay attention to unplug the power plug

when the side panel open or remove the control panel before must pull the plug, and to power during routine maintenance.

2. Attention to chemical solvent

acid or the sample of the solvent content is higher in the case of no special protection cannot be dry ( If necessary, please contact the service department) , or freeze dryer may be corrosion. When dry contain fold compounds should be more careful, because it will react with copper and other nonferrous metals explosion.

3. Suggestion: please regular cleaning and maintenance of the vacuum freeze drier

for infectious, toxic, pathogenic and radioactive substances to the corresponding safety protection measures.

4. Warned against the fingers to the surface of a cold trap

in the cold trap in the process of freeze-drying chamber temperature is very low, when put the material rack in the cold trap fingers don't contact cold trap, or fingers may freeze on its surface.

5. Suggest transport specification

warning transport or don't hold down instrument plastic control panel and carefully press.

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