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Vacuum freeze drying machine: probiotics producing technology advantage

Probiotics are producing by vacuum freeze drier freeze-dried probiotic products obtained in low temperature, to a certain extent saved the activity of probiotics, belong to health food, and probiotics is a kind of activity of microbes, are widely used in biological engineering, industrial and agricultural, food safety and health life.

probiotics is a suitable for low-temperature environment the survival of the species, in March 2001, the Chinese ministry of health issued health law JianFa [2001] no. 84, lactic acid bacteria health food inspection stipulated in article 10 of explicitly pointed out that, not recommended in a liquid form living bacterium enshine fungi health food products, because live probiotics have been scientific experiment certification liquid was very hard, fear of water and probiotics, so consumer is buying probiotics must choose refrigerated transport, or in the freezer refrigeration probiotics powder in the supermarket, and other liquid drinks and online sales of refrigerated transport products live probiotics is very low.

small probiotics lyophilizer

probiotics is the difference between producing and probiotics? Probiotic bacteria producing and probiotics in composition actually is the same, just probiotics is freeze-dried embedding technologies used in producing, can let the probiotic viability in longer, and in the process of freeze-drying, not because of the dry or heat affected, cause a deformation of the probiotics, such probiotic properties can be produced better maintain, quality is higher. When selecting a probiotics can free choose according to oneself circumstance, both are effective.

probiotics producing by high-tech means, Low-temperature freeze-drying technology) Probiotic products, gained by the living bacterium microecological agents belong to health food products, have the effect that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine; Can be used for constipation and diarrhea, but also inhibit helicobacter pylori infection, prevention of urinary tract infection, enhance immunity, reduce allergy and lower cholesterol; But as a health food, not a substitute for drugs, should not take long, long term usage can cause intestinal flora imbalance, causing diseases such as diarrhea and constipation.

large probiotics vacuum freeze drier

probiotics is producing by freezing technology to save the activity of probiotic products. So probiotics producing function is to raise the body's immune ability, and improve the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function, help those friends of lactose intolerance to lactose into lactic acid, can also adjust the flora to ease some friends allergies allergic constitution. Therefore, probiotics producing is very good for your health.

these two are the same components, just different from dosage forms, taking this kind of living bacteria products will need the following 40 degrees with warm water to blunt, otherwise is affects the effect of drugs, at the same time need to put the refrigerator cold storage.

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