Vacuum freeze drying machine power paper protection of cultural relics of freeze-drying

by:CBFI     2020-10-02
With the continuous development of vacuum freeze drying machine and technology, cultural relics are a reminder of the human history. Slightly improper handling after excavation is likely to lack of understanding of a certain history, here, and you talk about the vacuum freeze drier in acidification paper application of low temperature drying process, cultural relics from a freeze-dried protection of cultural relics.

however, these precious paper relics are now being acidification, oxidation and biological corrosion and light degradation caused serious damage. Modern research results show that the acid damage to the paper relics play a leading role, it is because of the effect of acid, there are a number of paper has completely lost cultural relics, the mechanical strength on the brink of destruction. Is an object with acidic paper relics, vacuum acid after test paper relics acid is removed completely, and then through the vacuum freeze drier after lyophilization paper relics no shrinkage, adhesion, the phenomenon such as deformation, and the ink handwriting are intact.
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