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Vacuum freeze drying machine in the field of traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical market prospect

Vacuum freeze drying machine in the field of traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical market outlook:

as people life rhythm speeding up and people rising value of their own health, Chinese medicine will be widely accepted by the public cognition and freeze-dried products. Freeze-drying technology, with its unique advantages will become the new opportunity for the future of traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical industry development. Especially for some injections of traditional Chinese medicine compound or single herbs is not stable, the research and popularization of the technology of producing needle is of far-reaching significance.

after many years of clinical observation and patient feedback, a lot of Chinese traditional medicine producing injection not only has good integrity and solubility in water, its stability is also greatly improved, such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) ShuangHuangLian powder injection is widely used in clinic, prove it. At the same time, vacuum freeze drying technology can also be used in Chinese medicine liposomes, nanoparticle, the preparation of nano emulsion, such as to extend the time of drug in the body function, reduce the toxicity and improve the bioavailability. Vacuum freeze drying technology is also processing yam products the most ideal way, vacuum can avoid oxidation, low temperature can make the yam protein, amino acid, soap yesterday, phlegmatic temperament is not destroyed, reducing the loss of nutrition.

in 2016 issued the relevant ministries and commissions of the state '2016 - 2020 China Chinese medicine yinpian market investment analysis and prospect forecast report, focus on the present, Chinese medicine yinpian the spring is around the corner of the industry, national policy for large and medium-sized enterprises vigorously support for small business integration and merging, marks the prelude to China's pharmaceutical industry will inevitably scalization, unification and more and more strict quality control, the direction of market concentration. So, the advanced technology will play its full role, Chinese medicine yinpian freeze-drying technology will also play out their new vitality.

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