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Vacuum freeze drying machine in flower yogurt food freeze-dried production steps

Here will give you about the vacuum freeze drier in the flower yogurt food freeze-dried production steps! Due to the unique advantages of vacuum freeze drying technology, the vacuum freeze drying machine has been widely applied to all walks of life. The flowers freeze-dried including yogurt yogurt, edible flowers and fruit juice ( Selective materials) , its character is yogurt, edible flowers, fruit juice. The ingredients, injection molding freezing, vacuum freeze-drying preparation of yogurt crisp thin soft texture, color is rich, flowers adorned among them, give a person a kind of bright and consumption desire; Yogurt cake melt in your mouth, the remaining patches of flowers for low-temperature freeze-drying greatly saved its original color, aroma, taste, make of flowers fills the mouth, give a person a kind of very pleasant comfortable. Vacuum freeze drying machine processing helps to improve the level of the dairy processing, and significantly improves the senses of yogurt and eating quality.
the following yogurt fruit flowers, for example, vacuum freezing dryer freeze-dried production steps are as follows:
( 1) Yogurt preparation: the preparation of yogurt, according to a process for the preparation of now commonly used in the production of fermented yogurt uniform mixing demulsification completed to no obvious block.
( 2) Preparation: edible flowers will be edible flowers into the cutter cut into 1 ~ 50 square millimeter size or width to 1 30 cm long filiform.
( 3) Ingredients: edible flowers ( 1 ~ 20) , the percentage of each raw material in brackets in the recipe is the quality of the yogurt base content.
the optimization, in order to increase the color of the yogurt richness, optional add fruit juice ( 5 - 30) 。
( 4) This (step injection molding freezing: 3) Mix the material injection molding equipment, in - 30 - - 50 ℃ precool 2 ~ 8 h.
the optimization, the height of the injection molding packing ingredients less than 10 cm, can shorten the time of the vacuum freeze drying.
( 5) Vacuum freeze drying: will step ( 4) In the temperature - precool of material 20 ~ - Under the condition of 50 ℃, vacuum degree 0 ~ 200 pa sublimation drying 5 ~ 20 h, the temperature - 30 ~ 50 ℃, under the condition of vacuum degree 0 ~ 200 pa phases heating parsing dry 5 ~ 20 h, vacuum freeze drying was flower yogurt.
( 7) Inspection packing: will be porous, no caking, no peculiar smell of vacuum drying yogurt cake bags, according to the corresponding specifications measurement with vacuum sealing packing machine immediately after the vacuum or nitrogen gas filling, sealing, storage under 0 ~ 25 ℃.
optimization, parsing dry yogurt cake will be rapidly after the completion of bagging preservation, avoid the place to absorb moisture in the air for a long time and shorten the shelf life and lower the quality of the taste of food.

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