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Vacuum freeze drying machine energy consumption

Vacuum freezing dryer is a new kind of low temperature freeze-drying equipment, from raw materials, equipment, personnel, cost of freeze-dried rent includes many aspects, such as composition, and energy consumption of the vacuum freeze drier also directly affect the cost of freeze-dried products. Usually by properly regulate the timing of refrigeration, heating, can shorten the lyophilization cycle, reduce the energy consumption of freeze-dried cost.

the influencing factors of energy consumption of vacuum freeze drying machine, mainly has the following three:

1, from material: such as the eutectic point, thermal sensitivity, geometry size and thickness on the drying time needed to length, running cost will produce great influence;
2, the influence of the technology adopted by the route: such as the material of the terminal temperature freezing, freezing rate, heating temperature, heating rate, and the determination of time and grasp will have an effect on drying rate and operation cost.
3, the influence of vacuum freeze drying machine itself, the performance of the vacuum freeze drier, limit parameter index, comprehensive ability, energy efficiency, operation stability, the manipulation of the degree of difficulty will have an effect on drying efficiency and running cost, even the serious influence.

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