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Vacuum freeze drying machine applied in environmental soil freeze-dried

Vacuum freeze drier soil application of freeze-drying in environmental protection, with the continuous development of social economy, but also increasingly serious environmental pollution, according to a 2017 national soil pollution condition investigation gazette, according to the national soil total points which is 16. 1%, with a slight proportion, mild, moderate and severe pollution level of 11 respectively. 2%, 2. 3%, 1. 5% and 1. 1%. Soil pollution over the north, the south Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, northeast old industrial base and other parts of the soil pollution is serious, southwest, central south area of soil heavy metal exceeds bid scope is bigger.

in the soil pollution situation, both for the repair of contaminated soil and the protection of uncontaminated soil, soil monitoring has become a top priority. Traditional method for disposing soil samples have been taken dry or low temperature drying way. Defect is low efficiency and long dry. For multiple sample size cannot be timely treatment. With the development of vacuum freeze drying technology, vacuum freezing dryer in soil is widely used to lyophilization of environmental protection. Pioneered in some environmental monitoring departments into the vacuum freeze drier as dry disposal equipment, so far, has formed a complete monitoring soil sample preparation plan. Soil sample treatment scheme covering soil samples tested before the element of freeze-dried locking, freeze-dried lock of soil organic matter, soil in the form of the original locking, ensure keep soil sample testing before the material, to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the monitoring soil samples.
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