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- vacuum freeze dryer The application of new pet food processing equipment and machinery

With the widely application of the vacuum freeze drier, especially in the pet food, cat and dog food, pet snacks such as application, therefore calls - pet food processing equipment - Pet food vacuum freeze dryer. General freeze-dried pet food ingredients are all natural fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, etc. , due to the advantage of freeze-drying process, do not need to add preservatives and pigment. And by low temperature freezing and vacuum drying, the microbial bacteria in the raw material is destroyed, more health and safety.

the making process of the pet food vacuum freeze drying machine is in low temperature vacuum environment, the frozen meat, fruit and vegetable ingredients such as direct lyophilization. Freeze-dried pet food drying process was conducted at low temperature, it takes about 24 hours, the inside of the ice water can sublimate to gas directly, not through the process of melting into water. Ingredients in the water has been removed, the inside of the nutrients are well preserved. As the pet food & other; Fresh & throughout; Freeze-dried pet food has become more and more popular with raising pet population.

freeze-dried pet food, pet food vacuum freeze drying machine market prospect is very considerable, now popular freeze-dried food received a clearer people favor the reason actually very simple, it has the advantages of high nutrition, palatability, fresh. In the freeze-dried food fed to pets, only need to add the right amount of water, it can be recovery of freezing and drying food into fresh food delicious.

many pet owners may be because the job is busy, or is sometimes too tired don't want to home lexy do fresh every day three meals a day. Buy fresh meat to wash, cooked, chopped, cool meat for pet is very good, but the kinds of freeze-dried food more, and you just need to add water for a few seconds, lexy can eat the delicious fresh meat, pet freeze-drying snack benefits a lot, are no different tastes, pet snacks freeze-dried completely liberated the pet owners hands!

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