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- vacuum freeze dryer Freeze drying oven article

Vacuum freeze-drying machine, also known as freeze drying, vacuum freeze-drying machine, hereinafter referred to as the lyophilizer. The lyophilizer is mainly composed of freeze drying oven, vacuum system, cooling system, heating system and automatic control system for a few major components.

the following to introduce the vacuum freeze drier freeze drying oven:

the lyophilizer freeze drying oven is a to refrigeration - About 50 ℃ ( Laboratory can achieve - the lyophilizer 80 ℃ low temperature) , can be heated to a temperature of about + 70 ℃ high temperature box body, is also a can into a vacuum airtight container, it is the main components of the lyophilizer, the shelf is the core component, which is responsible for precooling, heating, drying of products.

products the quality of the freeze drying, in large part with the shelf refrigeration temperature of freezing drying oven, the heating temperature, dry vacuum degree of the three main parameters are closely related. After more than three parameters, easy to control two parameters, the reason is that the shelf freeze drying oven heating temperature generally provided by the electric heating device heat, silicone oil as a heat transfer medium, electric heating device power stable and controllable, so easy to change the size of heat, dry vacuum control, while more complex, but still can make it more precise control. And cooling temperature, mainly by freezing the parameters of drying cabinet shelf minimum temperature cooling rate, the racks or shelves to comprehensive accuracy of temperature control decision.
in general, freeze drying oven reasonable structure can ensure the smooth completion of freeze-drying process, shelf design, good or bad will directly decide the whole performance of the lyophilizer shelf in hot flow path layout is reasonable, material is reasonable, thermal inertia small, the control system can be decreased substantially, refrigeration system, heating system and so on power load and the failure rate, and can achieve an optimal cooling rate, the maximum of cell survival rate, the best product physical shape and dissolution rate.

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