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Vacuum freeze dryer control system

Vacuum freeze dryer control system is the command structure of the machine. Vacuum freeze drying control including refrigerating machine, vacuum pump and circulating pump up, stop, the control of heating power, temperature, vacuum degree and the time of test and control, automatic protection and alarm device, etc. According to the different degree of automation, requested for different control requirements, can be divided into manual control ( The button control) , semi-automatic control, automatic control and microcomputer control four categories.

on vacuum freeze drying machine equipment, people often have to start the machine, vacuum system, according to the requirements of a certain open or close a variety of control valve, or in the vacuum chamber pressure according to the predetermined value, this is called vacuum freeze dryer control.

vacuum freeze drying process of the control system requirements, using both manual and automated way of vacuum freeze drying machine for the whole freeze-drying process and control the automatic stoppering, automatic washing. Specific requirements are:

( 1) To freeze-drying curve values stored in the disk, and can in real-time and historical data to display on a computer screen, instant printing and support. These curves including:

A: material temperature curve; B: plate layer temperature curve; C: water vapor condenser curve; D: vacuum degree curve;

( 2) Temperature control system of the measurement error: + 1. Product final moisture content + 1%

( 3) The system can be set according to the different products or modify pharmaceutical freeze-drying curve, the lyophilization process by adjusting the temperature of the heating plate, heating capacity, vacuum box, the water vapor condenser temperature make the material tracking set curve;

( 4) By controlling the refrigerating machine energy regulator to track the set temperature;

( 5) Vacuum inside the box body can be set, and through the micro valve to adjust the vacuum degree required;

( 6) Fault alarm and processing, including start-up pressure vacuum unit, vacuum freeze-drying process more than the set value of the alarm and the related data;

( 7) Drug automatic stoppering: in front of pharmaceutical and biological products out of the box for automatic stoppering sealing treatment, ensure clean and frozen state, improve the quality of frozen in products;

( 8) Requirements to GMP standard.

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