Vacuum freeze drier in gastrodia elata blume medicinal materials freeze-drying steps process

by:CBFI     2020-10-02
Vacuum freeze drying machine referred to as 'the lyophilizer, the application of Chinese medicinal materials in rhizoma gastrodiae, reduce the water content of gastrodia tuber, gastrodia tuber after lyophilization in nutrients, flavor, color, aroma, taste, and the packaging aspects of the character has kept some samples, and extend the shelf life of the product.

vacuum freeze drier in gastrodia elata blume medicinal materials freeze-drying process step:

A, raw material pretreatment will go body-to keep raw material removing impurity, peeling, washing, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall;

B, frozen processing the raw material for the above drain water, set - 10℃- - 35 ℃ environment pre freezing to tuber body core temperature 0 ℃ ~ - 30℃;

C, freeze-drying processing puts the edible fungus in the process of the freezing temperature of 0 0-120 ℃, pressure Freeze-drying processing 100 pa environment until the tuber evaporation to water content is 2 - in the body 6% of the check;

D, post-processing after freeze-drying process of materials under temperature 15 ℃ - 28 ℃, relative humidity 8% 22%, and a clean environment, soft to the moisture content of 5 - 9%, inspection, packaging to freeze-dried gastrodia elata products.
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