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Using elementary arithmetic to calculate the cold water machine the capacity selection

Is the spring, summer is far? And prepare to cold water machine the most popular season, but many users whenever consulting, will always find the refrigerating capacity of the equipment should match how much to my house? How much of a cold water machine is enough? Under cold water factory house according to the cooling water machine for more than ten years of research and development and production experience summary for you, how to utilize the elementary arithmetic to calculate the refrigerating capacity of the industrial ice machine how type cold water machine:

cold water machine the capacity calculation formula: frozen water refrigerating capacity = * 4. 187 * * temperature difference factor

1, freezing water flow refers to the machine's work when the cold water flow, unit need to conversion to liters/s;
2 refers to the machine, the temperature difference between in and out of the water temperature difference;
  3、4. 187 for quantitative ( The heat capacity of the water) ;
4, choose cold water unit need to be air cooled by coefficient of 1. 3, choose water cooled industrial ice machine by coefficient of 1. 1.
5, select the machine according to the refrigerating capacity of the calculation model.
general confidential with much of the cold water use P to calculate, but the most important is to know the rated refrigerating capacity, general of air-cooled unit 9. 7 kw way choice with 3 p, cold water machine, and so on. So cold water machine the selection of the most important thing is to find the rated refrigerating capacity.

cold water machine:
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