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Useful Tips to Buy Commercial Ice Machines


Isn't a nice cool drink at the end of a long day at work extremely refreshing? Indeed, it is! So, if you're looking to start a new restaurant, cafeteria, or bar, then you must have proper equipment to provide the same to your customers! If you own a bar or a restaurant, it is extremely important that you make your customers feel at ease, so that they can spend more time at your place and enjoy chatting with their friends and acquaintance over drinks. It is not unusual to develop a good rapport with them in the process and convert them into your regular customers. But all this is possible only if you have a steady supply of ice, while serving beverages to your customers. That's why restaurant and bar owners look to buy commercial ice machines.

Before you buy an flake ice machine, you need to consider few things. First of all, figure out the total amount of ice you might require in a single day for your restaurant. Usually, the quantity would vary from day to day. Make an average for the whole week and keep this figure ready. Next, make sure that the plumbing line in your kitchen is in place. This would help you to fill the machine properly. Finally, decide the type of ice you would prefer serving your customers. There can be different options like - cubes, shaved, round and so on. Choose ice machines which can produce ice of perfect shape and size. Depending on whether you want to serve your customers round and pebble-shaped ice or the usual cubed variety, your selection for ice makers would vary.

Commercial ice-making machines differ in types and features. Some machines are specially built for making snow cones, some for shaved ice, while some are built to produce block ice cubes. Besides, portable ice-making machines and dispensers are also available with reputed restaurant suppliers. Being small in size, these are 'space saving' while being an invaluable addition to commercial kitchens.

Check the various features of the machine prior to making your selection. If your restaurant serves beverages as well as ice creams and desserts, you need to install a polar temperature ice merchandiser. These ice-makers have huge capacity compressors. Besides, these machines are equipped with auto defrosting units to keep the items inside chilled, yet frost-free! On the other hand, 'under counter'

ice machines best suit the needs of bar owners. It helps bartenders in serving ice quickly to the customers as well as helping them to refill the machine without any difficulty.

If you are looking to buy ice machines, you don't need to search from store to store. Instead, go online! There are plenty of online stores offering branded restaurant equipment. Among others, you'll find ice-machines as well in these stores. Select the model that best suit your needs. Make your payment online, and get your product delivered to your place 'safe and sound' within a few days time. If you're looking to buy the best quality ice makers, get in touch with Jean's Restaurant Supply - offering the best commercial kitchen equipment at affordable prices.

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