Use different types lab freeze-drying equipment function

by:CBFI     2020-10-18
Use different lab freeze-drying equipment types, its function is to distinguish! Kinds of equipments in the laboratory the lyophilizer consists of ordinary, gland, manifold, in situ. Manufacturers to below, and you talk about the different types of functional purpose:

1, ordinary: bulk material in the material plate, suitable for food, Chinese herbal medicine, freeze-dried powder materials.
2, gland type: suitable for schering bottles of drying and freeze-drying preparation, according to the need, the material packing in schering bottles, floating cover the cap after freeze drying, drying after the gland organization operation pressure cap, can avoid secondary pollution, the adsorption of water, easy to long-term preservation.
3, manifold type: in dry outdoor units installed flask, material of spin frozen on the inner wall of the bottle dry, then flask as a container to pick up outside the drying oven on the manifold of flask material by room temperature in the heating, through manifold switching device, can be removed at any time according to need or mount flask, need not stop.

4, in situ type: freeze-drying chamber with the function of refrigeration, material placement after freeze-drying chamber, the precool of materials and drying process without manual operation. Material precool process, cold trap as precool cavity precool material, in the drying process, cold trap as water traps, capture material spilled water. Precool of freeze-drying process material, drying, etc are completed on the freeze-drying chamber in situ, freeze-drying machine use high efficiency, saving the cost of cryogenic refrigerator.

type in situ lyophilizer

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