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US$3.1 billion plans to deploy the nationwide cold storage network! The refrigeration industry is no longer unpopular

With China’s economic development, China’s middle class continues to expand, people’s living standards continue to increase, demand for fresh seafood and other foods continues to expand, and China’s fresh food e-commerce market continues to expand. The establishment of large and medium-sized cold storage is imminent, and refrigeration equipment manufacturers will welcome In a period of rapid development, Bingquan Refrigeration will not forget its original intention, conform to the market, and make continuous efforts to improve people's health, safe and reliable refrigeration equipment. Data show that the market transaction scale of fresh food e-commerce in China will exceed RMB 54.4 billion in 2015, and it is expected to reach 144.9 billion in 2017. Driven by macro policies and fresh food e-commerce market demand, China’s cold chain logistics industry will Maintaining an average annual growth rate of 25%, the market size will reach 470 billion yuan by 2017. A few days ago, as China's leading provider of total cold chain solutions, Shanghai Xuwei Holding Group has decided to start a nationwide cold storage layout construction plan starting in 2016. Xuwei will cooperate with a European private equity investment fund and is expected to successively invest US$3.1 billion in this investment cooperation. Xuwei Holding Group, Xuweiyuan Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd., and Xuwei Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. Chairman Miao Xiaowei introduced that Xuwei currently owns 55,000 square meters of cold storage area in China and cooperates with many leading domestic logistics companies and leading manufacturers. Fresh e-commerce has established a strategic partnership. With the rapid growth of the middle class in Mainland China, the demand for high-quality refrigerated packaged food is increasing day by day, which promotes the continuous and vigorous development of the cold chain logistics industry in Mainland China. Xuwei plans to build 13 large-scale and super-large cold storages in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen before the end of 2020, and 27 large-scale cold storages in 15 major second-tier capital cities, in an attempt to build a cold chain storage and cold chain logistics network that serves 75% of the country's population. Modern cold chain logistics includes three links: 'cold chain trunk and branch transportationBusiness competition is becoming increasingly fierce, but China’s cold chain logistics market at the background has always been in a state of multiple, scattered, and chaotic conditions. The existing cold chain market is low-end, with outdated facilities, low efficiency, high investment and operating costs, and quality is difficult to ensure . Self-built cold chain logistics requires huge financial support. Capital investment is required to make up for losses, expand, and build cold chain logistics. Capital has become a problem for fresh food e-commerce, and cold storage is directly related to the quality of products, and it is always invested by various platforms. The top priority. At the same time, from an industry perspective, China's current per capita cold storage capacity is only one-third of that of the U.S., with huge market growth potential. In 2013, the fixed asset investment in China's cold chain logistics industry exceeded RMB 100 billion. Miao Xiaowei believes that this is undoubtedly an important opportunity for Xuwei Group. He pointed out that Xuwei Group will invest so much in the cold chain logistics market because of its nearly 10 years of experience in cold storage engineering construction in China and its optimism about the opportunities in China's fresh cold chain industry. Xuwei hopes to first provide first-class supply chain services for the national market expansion strategy of fresh food international trade and fresh food e-commerce enterprises, relying on a complete set of warehousing, distribution and logistics systems to provide customers in the food industry with efficient and economical solutions Program, so that it can focus more on improving the quality of products and services. In the long run, Xuwei will use the strong market demand of fresh food e-commerce to create a more complete cold chain network resource for the industry, reduce transportation costs in the industry, and accelerate the cold chain circulation of food in China. It is sold to all parts of the country at a lower cost, so that the Chinese people can eat safe and delicious food from all corners of the country at an economic price. Miao Xiaowei said that Xu is unwilling to open up the entire fresh food industry chain by integrating information flow, physical logistics, and capital flow, introducing mature international cold chain technology, and fully optimizing customers' operating costs through the control of environmental protection, cost and efficiency. Xu did not attach great importance to the loss rate of goods in cold storage. According to the statistics of the Cold Chain Standards Committee, the circulation rate of China's vegetable cold chain is only 10%, and the loss rate is as high as 30%, while the loss rate of European and American countries is only 5%-10%. Xuwei believes that cold storage must be customized to match the actual needs of customers. Through the most suitable storage temperature, the most intelligent sorting process, the most quality processing technology, and the most optimized cost control, it will bring customers and consumers For greater benefit.
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