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Understanding of ice production by ice maker

Understanding of the ice production volume of the ice maker    1. Definition of the ice production volume of the ice maker: When selecting the model, the user mainly considers the amount of ice used. However, the ice production of the ice maker is greatly affected by environmental conditions, and the standard operating conditions need to be clarified before the ice production can be compared. The ice maker follows the internationally accepted nominal working condition as the standard working condition of the product (that is, the ice-making water temperature is 15℃±1℃; the working environment temperature is 21℃±2℃; the power requirement is single-phase 220V 50Hz/ Three-phase 380 volts and 50 Hz; water source requirement is clean fresh water; working unit time is 24 hours) The ice packing machines of certain kilograms seen on the market indicates the daily ice production under standard working conditions. 2. Recognition of the ice production volume of the ice maker in summer: In summer, the water temperature and the ambient temperature have risen significantly, and the rise of the water temperature is equivalent to extending the ice making time of each ice plate (because the freezing point of water is 0℃, it is necessary to The temperature of high-temperature ice-making water is longer to 0°C than that of room temperature water. The temperature of the environment is too high, and the air-cooled ice maker that uses air to exchange heat and cold produces a large amount of ice. The sharp decline is a serious fact that cannot be avoided.
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