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Understand the operating rules and precautions of the flake ice machine

The flake ice produced by the flake ice mechanism is dry, not easy to agglomerate, has a large contact area with the fresh-keeping product, and is not easy to damage the fresh-keeping product. In order to prevent the growth of bacteria and achieve the purpose of cooling and preservation, it is mainly used for the preservation of products such as display, display and packaging. According to reports, the shape of ice cubes is different according to the principle and production method of the evaporator. Generally, according to the shape of ice, ice machines currently on the market include flake ice machines, pellet ice machines, plate ice machines, tube ice machines, shell ice machines, etc. Among them, the flake ice machine has the following advantages: dry, easy to agglomerate, hygienic, large contact area with fresh products such as aquatic products, meat, beverages, and high freshness. Fishing and other industries are widely used. With the development of society and the continuous improvement of production levels, the quality requirements for flake ice machines are getting higher and higher, with low performance, low failure rate, high operating efficiency and good quality of flake ice machines. Waiting for increasingly urgent requests. In this regard, in addition to the continuous development of the flake ice machine and the stable product quality, users must also master the correct operating procedures and precautions in the operation of the flake ice machine to better ensure the safety and stability of the flake ice machine. equipment. High-quality operation. Operating rules of flake ice machine First of all, before starting the machine, the user must check whether the automatic water supply device is normal and whether the water storage capacity of the water tank is reasonable. If there is no problem, please plug in the power supply and the flake ice machine will start to work. First, the water pump starts to run for about 2 minutes. The compressor starts and the machine enters the ice making state. Secondly, when the flake ice reaches the set thickness, the ice plate probe is activated, the defrost solenoid valve starts to work, and the flake ice falls within about 1 minute. When the flake ice falls, turn the ice drop flap and open the reed switch. When the reed switch is turned off again, the machine will enter the flake ice state again. Third, when the ice in the bucket is full and the reed switch cannot be turned off automatically, the machine will automatically stop working. After taking out enough ice cubes and turning off the reed switch again, the machine will start after a delay of 3 minutes, and then enter the ice making process again. Precautions for the operation of the flake industrial ice maker First of all, the flake ice machine must be placed horizontally, away from heat sources, no sunlight, ventilation, and no debris accumulation around. The condenser fan should be kept at least 1 meter away from the wall to ensure good heat The dissipation of the machine. Otherwise, there may be certain safety hazards when the flake ice machine is running, or noise may be generated, which will affect the performance and output of the ice machine. It should be noted that the ambient temperature on site should not exceed 38°C to prevent excessively high ambient temperature, which may lead to poor heat dissipation of the condenser and affect the ice making effect. Secondly, the flake ice machine should use a water source that meets the local drinking water standards, and install filters, etc., to remove impurities in the water, avoid clogging the water pipe, and affect the ice making performance. During the operation of the flake ice machine, if it is found that the equipment has stopped running for no reason, it is necessary to find out whether it is the electrical cause in time, and then restart it after troubleshooting. . Third, the flake ice machine stops cooling after entering the pre-cooling, and the flake ice machine can be turned off after about 30 minutes, otherwise the flake ice machine may freeze or even be damaged. Fourth, the condenser of the flake ice machine plays a role of heat dissipation during the cooling process. The cleaning of the condenser directly affects the ice making function. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the condenser is clean. In addition, the water pipe, sink and refrigerator of the flake ice machine should be cleaned every two months. In addition, the flake ice machine needs to loosen the head of the inlet hose for two months to clean the inlet valve filter to prevent impurities in the water from blocking the inlet and reducing the amount of inlet water, so that ice will not be produced.
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