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Ultra-low temperature freezer with ozone ice power pomfret preservation solution

Traditional ice fresh technology used for pomfret fresh-keeping, short storage period, pomfret easy to corrupt, and difficult to guarantee quality, which brings the problems such as food waste. Provide a long-term pomfret fresh-keeping method, with the aid of cryogenic refrigerator freeze ozone water, make the ozone after frozen in ice ozone content is 0. 89mg/Kg。 Can remain stable for low temperature environment, inhibition of biochemical reaction rate, and can also reduce the number of microorganisms, inhibit the growth of microorganisms to avoid the stale phenomenon caused by the growth of microorganisms, prolong the storage quality decline of freshness and reduce speed.

pomfret as an important Marine fishing fish species, has the characteristics of high nutritional value, rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of trace elements, etc. It contains unsaturated fatty acids such as lowering cholesterol effect. Iced fresh seafood without thawing, good quality, flavor and taste can be good to keep. But for a long time because of the ice fresh technology limited, the ice shelf life of fresh aquatic products limited. Therefore, on the basis of the aquatic products fresh ice, how to extend the shelf life of iced fresh become the key problems need to be solved.

test showed that ozone sterilization ability strong, good effect of keeping fresh, easy to use, the characteristics of ozone after the ice is not restricted by environmental conditions. Ozone and ozone content of 15 mg/Kg of ice and compared to ordinary ice, ozone is 5 mg/L of ice on shrimp and tilapia ozone fresh-keeping effect is best, ice of ozone can reduce the generation of volatile base nitrogen and improve the quality of products of sensory, can extend its freshness fly 3 D; The test preparation of ozone used in ice is made by the required concentration of ozone water direct access to the round ice cube maker is made after the ice, but because the ozone has strong oxidizing, easy to ice making machine pipeline corrosion, and because ozone is not stable, easy to decompose generate oxygen, and through the use of sealed freezing method can reduce the loss of ozone. In addition, the ozone oxidation ability can make the product appearance, reduce the product value, so the concentration of ozone ice is unfavorable and exorbitant, selecting the best ozone content will be the key to solve the adverse effects of ozone.

ultra-low temperature freezer with ozone ice preservation method of pomfret, mainly using the minus 60 degrees ultra-low temperature freezer to ozone water freeze into ice. Is characterized by ozone layer fish ice in orifices cleansing foam box, including the bottom of the ice thickness to 10 cm, pomfret on the surface of the ice thickness is 5 cm. After sealed with adhesive tape in 0 ~ 4 ℃ under the condition of storage, and regular change of ozone ice. The preparation of ozone and ozone ice content is 2 mg/L of ozone in water - 60 ℃ the refrigerator to freeze into ice, and freezing of ozone in ice after the content is 0. 89mg/Kg。 This method for preservation of pomfret long shelf life, good quality, to a large extent reduce the rotten phenomenon caused by the microorganism and enzyme. On the basis of the preservation, improve the quality of the pomfret, reduce the waste of food, to regulate the market demand has the vital significance and application prospect.

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