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Ultra-low temperature freezer use scope

Ultra-low temperature freezer is also called cryopreservation box, deep cryogenic refrigerator, ultra-low temperature freezer, such as common temperature at minus 40 ℃, 60 ℃ below zero to 86 ℃ below zero, in addition to - , - 120 degrees And - 136 degrees , - 160 degrees 192 degree extremely ultra-low temperature freezer.

ultra-low temperature freezer use scope: 1, save, plasma, vaccines, reagents, pharmaceuticals require special temperature preservation of biological products, or the physical and chemical material. 2, used to hold the virus, bacteria, red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, vaccine, semen, skin, bones, bacteria, biological products, etc. 3, is suitable for hospitals, blood stations, center for disease control and prevention, scientific research institutions, electronic industry, chemical industry, military industry, animal husbandry system, experiment in colleges and universities, biological engineering, ocean fisheries, Tuna) And so on.

a, physics and biology

it is well known that many research projects shall be carried out at very low temperatures, such as superconductor research, biological research. Superconductors are those at a special low temperature resistance suddenly close to even reach zero electric conductor, according to the experience of the previous studies showed that they need to be in low temperature condition to show the characteristics of the superconductor, some electrical conductor superconducting incredibly even under low temperature, in addition, biology is sometimes need low temperature environment. Therefore, the application of cryogenic refrigerator to scientific research is inevitable.

2, medicine,

we know that most of the body from the medical diseases are caused by bacteria or viruses, bacteria and viruses are strong adaptability of microbes, research on the survival of microorganisms in low temperature environment is one of our medically important topic. Through the study of low temperature environment we can know the survival of microorganisms of maximum limit, to help us deal with disease, protect people's health. At the same time, ultra-low temperature freezer can also help us save blood, drugs, etc. , greatly extended the use of their time and increase the inventory of hospital.

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