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Ultra-low temperature freezer use matters needing attention

Ultra-low temperature freezer use notice:

& other; ” Have this logo said here have a harm to human body, or the use of products are harmful, or is the place that alerts users pay special attention to.

l do not open the packing cases for transport.

l the ultra-low temperature freezer is best used in 32 ℃ below ambient temperature. It is recommended to install air conditioning environment.

l cryogenic refrigerator cabinet in handling Angle shall not be greater than 45 & deg; Or system failure, lest cause compressor.

l after unpacking, placed near the power socket is flat and solid surface.

l don't close to the heat source, and avoid direct sunlight.

l cryogenic refrigerator should be stored in a dry well ventilated room, there should be no corrosive gas.

if l cryogenic refrigerator should be discontinued for a long time, after should be clean inside and outside with plastic cap.

l power 198 v ~ 242 v / 50 hz, voltage instability region please equipped with more than 3000 va power voltage regulator, please use a separate.

l must provide separate single phase for the cryogenic refrigerator three hole socket and appropriate fuse.

l must be installed for the cryogenic refrigerator reliable ground alone, ground shall not be connected to the gas pipe, heating pipe, water pipe, also must not use the single-phase power supply is zero.

l for extended power cable, wire cross-sectional area & ge; 1. 5 mm wires can be a single strands, may also be more shares, it is forbidden to use multi-purpose socket to link.

l cryogenic refrigerator shall not rely on a wall, machine room must have more than 30 cm space, so that the system can run properly.

l cryogenic refrigerator outside the casing water is not allowed in the scouring the ground water are strictly prohibited from entering the control disc and compressor room, are not allowed in the rain or relative humidity is more than 85% of the environment, otherwise it will cause the leakage fault, etc.

once l cryogenic refrigerator power failure or downtime, must can be restarted, after more than five minutes to avoid compressor damaged or system.

l cryogenic refrigerator keys should be kept away from children, in case of accident.

l cryogenic refrigerator is absolutely not allowed to store flammable, explosive, hazardous volatile, and strong caustic alkali, etc.

l cryogenic refrigerator cannot be used in inflammable and explosive gas environment, do not spray paint, paint and other flammable items in nearby, so as to avoid fire.

l open the door after door must be locked, otherwise it will affect the normal work and use system.

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